Coors Light mountains

As cold as the rockies

Rockies: -5°C

Everybody needs a moment of chill

Coors Light mountains

Pint glass



Cold Beer Guarantee


20 Pack

Coors 500ml can iced

330ml bottle iced

Pint glass

  • Filtered

    Cold as the Rockies

    Born in the Rockies, nobody knows cold better than us.
  • Lagered

    Cold Beer. Guaranteed.

    Our bottles, cans and glasses all feature thermo ink which turns blue when Coors is mountain cold. It's our unique Cold Beer Guarantee.
  • Packaged

    Clean, Crisp Refreshment

    A clean and refreshing 4.3% lager
    that's as crisp as the mountain air.

When the mountains turn blue, it's as cold as the Rockies.

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Summer days need cooling down. Keep it fresh with a cold activated Coors. When the mountains turn blue, it’s ready to enjoy.

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We do things differently in Ireland like starting our summers in May! Blue skies => Blue mountains. Keep it cool this summer with Coors.

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Bottle or can? Who’s looking fresher this May bank holiday weekend? Let us know in the comments below and tag your bank holiday weekend crew!

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When the mountain turns blue, your Coors is as cold as the Rockies and ready to drink! #MountainColdRefreshment

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It's beginning to look a lot like Coors-mas #keepitfresh #rockymountains #coorsbeer

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Cheers to Rocky mountain refreshment #keepitfresh #coorsbeer #rockymountain

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